Cannabis Strains Simplified

It is quite common when visiting different cannabis shops online to notice that cannabis products are categorized based on the cannabis strain from which they are produced. There are three distinct strains of cannabis: indica, sativa, and hybrid. One general characteristic is the difference between CBD and THC content in each strain. Each cannabis strain has its unique effects and benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the different strains and their usefulness.


As a plant, indica tends to grow under six feet, with leaves that are fat and have a deep green color. The plant has its origin in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and India regions, and grows fast, with high yields. It produces a strong physical full body high that creates effect that leaves you feeling sleepy or relaxed. As a result of these characteristics, indica is ideal for relaxation, happiness, anxiety and stress relief, and sleeping issues, such as insomnia. Indica tends to have higher levels of CBD and low THC content. It is more suited for night use.

Some of the Benefits of Indica

1. Alleviates chronic pain

2. Relieves nausea

3. Promotes muscle relaxation

4. Alleviate muscle spasm and seizures

5. Reduces stress and anxiety

6. Alters dopamine levels


Reaching heights of 25 feet, this thin plant has narrow light green leaves. This cannabis strain has lower levels of CBD and more THC content, and its properties are uplifting, creative, and energetic. It requires more time and light than indica for growth and maturity before a harvest. This strain is the favorite of many artists, who often seek out this strain to get the creative juices flowing. Daytime use is more ideal for sativa.

Some of the benefits of Sativa

1. Increases creativity

2. Relieves depression and anxiety

3. Promotes focus and energizes

4. Alters serotonin levels

5. Alleviate acute pain


Hybrid is a combination of indica and sativa, and in most instances, breeders combine the best strain of indica and sativa to create a super strain. With this super strain, the best elements of both indica and sativa are preserved. However, hybrids can be bred to either be indica-dominant, sativa-dominant, or 50/50- sharing equal parts of each strain. The effects of the dominant strain will be demonstrated when employed for a particular medical purpose, as well as the effects of the secondary strain, all packed in one hybrid strain.

Choosing the Right Strain

This can be a difficult task since there are different variables to consider, such as cannabinoid content and strain classification. It is important to know the benefits that each strain can provide when choosing a strain. Generally, a process of trial and error often leads to the cannabis strain that is right for your needs.

There are three main cannabis strains: indica, sativa, and hybrid. Indica produces a sedative effect as well as a feeling of relaxation. Sativa leaves users with a feeling that is uplifting, creative, and energetic. Hybrid is a crossbreed between indica and sativa, and provides the best of both worlds in one super hybrid strain. It’s up to users to figure out which strain is the best fit for them.


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